Do you know what reactive energy is?

You may have heard of reactive energy and the fact that it can appear on your electricity bill and represent an additional cost. But what is reactive power, and how can it affect us?

What is reactive power?

The energy that travels through the electrical network is actually composed of two types:

The sum of these two energies is called apparent energy.

The problem with reactive energy is that it has no practical use, but as it is generated and returned to the grid, it is occupying the grid and could destabilize it. That is why it needs to be managed so that everything runs smoothly. These transport costs by the network and treatment of this reactive energy may appear in our electricity bill.

However, it is difficult to happen if we talk about our home, as we will see below.

Which appliances generate reactive energy?

It is normal that you are worried about having many devices that generate this reactive energy. The truth is that most of those that produce it with a high volume are industrial appliances, which have those motors or coils that we talked about before.

However, an elevator, a refrigerator or even a fluorescent light tube also produce reactive energy that they return to the grid “occupying” space.

Within reactive power, there are also two main types:

This energy is not useful. It cannot be used to generate heat or work, but it occupies the network, and it is necessary to manage it so that it does not affect its overall operation.

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