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Indigenous peoples are leaders in clean energy innovation

Indigenous peoples are experiencing climate change impacts and have embraced clean energy over the past two decades. Indigenous communities have led or are partners in more than 170 clean energy projects — generating over 19,000 megawatts for provincial and territorial electricity grids across Canada. Major new spheres of Indigenous clean energy innovations and partnerships include: renewable energy micro-grids in diesel-dependent remote communities; energy-efficient housing in Indigenous communities countrywide; and advanced energy solutions such as storage, district energy, heating, and smart grids for urban and near urban centres.

How are Indigenous peoples driving clean energy innovation?

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Clean Energy Future as Reconciliation: Our Communities, Our Stories

At CEM10/MI-4, Indigenous peoples, industry and international attendees with clean energy or related expertise will participate in a session on a Clean Energy Future as Reconciliation: Our Communities, Our Stories. Indigenous leaders from Canada and internationally will share their success stories and learnings to stimulate knowledge sharing, partnerships and networks in support of global Indigenous-led clean energy collaboration.