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The Government of Canada would like to thank you for your participation in this year’s Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) and Mission Innovation (MI) Ministerial. Representatives from over 25 countries came together to highlight the importance of a diverse and inclusive transition to a clean energy future.

Over 2500 participants advanced a global conversation on accelerating progress through roundtables, plenaries and over 19 side-events. We look forward to continuing the dialogue started in Vancouver over the weeks and months, as the CEM and MI communities gear up for Chile in 2020.

CEM10/MI-4 is proud to promote Equal by 30, a public commitment by public and private sector organizations to work toward equal pay, equal leadership and equal opportunities for women in the clean energy sector by 2030.

Equal by 30 asks organizations, companies and governments to endorse principles, then take concrete action to accelerate the participation of women in the clean energy sector, and close the gender gap.

Join the CEM Debate on Gender Diversity across the Clean Energy Value Chain

Wednesday, May 29, 2019, 3:10 p.m.–4:20 p.m.

For the first time, we will address in a debate format the challenges women face by exploring opportunities to enhance gender diversity.

Two teams will defend sides of a carefully crafted resolution statement to advance gender diversity and unlock new ways of developing clean energy solutions.

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About the Ministerial Programs

This annual, multi-day event welcomes ministers and high-level government delegates from over 25 countries, as well as senior officials and leaders from international organizations and industry.

Innovation Showcase

CEM10/MI-4 will include an Innovation Showcase featuring dynamic exhibits, presentations and activities that highlight key energy technology areas.

Youth Participation

A parallel youth program will run alongside the Ministerial event, connecting today’s global energy leaders with the leaders of tomorrow.

What’s new?

Nuclear Innovation: Clean Energy Future (NICE Future)

At CEM10, the NICE Future initiative will be releasing a book, Breakthroughs: Nuclear Innovation in a Clean Energy System, that tells the stories of the people and the solutions that are driving near-term innovation in nuclear energy.

Transforming Transportation With Hydrogen

The lightest and most abundant element on earth, hydrogen has the potential to decarbonize transportation systems and change the future of fuels and energy around the world.

Powering the Future: Smart Grids

Driving innovation in technology, super computers and artificial intelligence are helping to modernize global electricity grids and make them more resilient to shifting global weather patterns.

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