Our Goals

Cem Mi is a green company that encourages the use of clean energy. We are committed to helping reduce our carbon footprint by encouraging the development and use of clean energy in the facilities.

Cemmi’s mission is to conquer climate change. This goal has already led the organization to reduce its carbon footprint by using clean energy by implementing eco-friendly production processes.

100% of the electricity used at Cemmi’s facility is now provided by wind energy, reducing our carbon pollution levels by about 50%, which is directly responsible for saving the environment. This enables us to play our part in reducing the number of pollutants released into the environment. We are proud to be a green company and hope that you will join us in our effort to preserve our planet’s natural resources.

At Cem-mi-vancouver2019.ca, we are committed to the planet. That’s why we’ve started to switch our power supplies to renewable energy. We focus on two main initiatives: wind power and solar power.

We at Cemmi care about the environment and want to help people access clean energy sources. We believe that we need to fight climate change and pollution and can be part of the solution.

We provide all the people and companies with the opportunity to be part of the renewable energy revolution and to help them reach their goals: become more sustainable and develop.

By offering cost-effective, environmentally friendly solutions, we enable all sectors to lower their emissions footprint and their CO2 emissions.

We want to place solar and wind solutions that generate clean electricity directly into the hands of homeowners, businesses, schools, non-profits and other organizations worldwide.

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