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The global energy market is in the process of a structural transition from fossil fuels to clean energy. This is another step of the world community towards preserving the environment by minimizing harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

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Clean energy. What does it mean?

Humanity invented many ways to get energy. Over thousands of years of progress, people have learned to convert minerals like gas, coal, oil into energy, mastered the power of water by means of hydroelectric power plants, split the atom and built nuclear power plants. The next stage in the development of the global energy market is so-called clean cut energy. Production of such energy does not create harmful emissions into the environment. First of all, this is about carbon dioxide. It is the main source of atmospheric pollution and the main cause of the greenhouse effect.

Why is the usage of clean energy so important?

Human activities have an irreversible impact on the environment, ecology and the Earth as a whole. The keyword is “irreversible”. Air pollution has consequences that affect people’s health and lives. In the long term, this can lead to such global problems as the extinction of entire species of animals and plants, climate change and even natural disasters.

One of the main sources of environmental pollution is energy production. Most types of modern energy production generate huge amounts of emissions. In addition, power plants operate on non-renewable resources.

How clean is renewable energy?

Clean energy is the optimal solution to the atmosphere and environmental pollution problem. Its production does not require minerals and creates no harmful emissions into the environment. Clean cut energy is becoming the norm nowadays, not the exception. Developed countries are gradually switching to this type of energy. It is hard to overestimate the importance of clean energy as this is the way to save our planet!

Main sources of clean energy

People often confuse clean energy and green energy. There is some similarity between them, but they are not the same. While green energy is produced from natural sources, clean energy sources are fully renewable and constantly replenished. Clean cut energy can be produced by means of the Sun and wind.

Solar energy

This type of energy can’t be considered a new one because it has been known for hundreds of years. But only with modern technologies humanity can produce enough energy from the sunlight for the activities of a city, region, or even a whole country. Moreover, every year solar energy cost decreases and very soon, it will be able to replace harmful power and nuclear plants. 

Wind energy

Humanity uses wind power for centuries. People invented many mechanical tools that are driven by the power of the wind. Nowadays, it is used to produce clean energy (electricity). Windfarms are a common source of energy for many countries, and it is becoming more and more popular. This type of energy is quite simple and understandable as well as quite cheap.

Other types of clean energy

There is also a number of other sources that can be considered as clean energy. They are geothermal heat, biogas, biomass, hydro and others.

How to make cost-effective and clean energy

There are many different ways to produce affordable and clean energy. The choice depends on the resources available that are suitable for the generation of clean energy. The most common, accessible and eco-friendly are:

Key global platforms driving the clean energy transition

Clean energy conferences and forums hold an integral role in pursuing global sustainable energy solutions, uniting voices essential for progress. Diverse international platforms convene experts, ministers, industry executives and technology pioneers to address the priorities and possibilities in realizing a zero emissions future.

International Renewable Energy Conference (IREC)

Foremost among these is the International Renewable Energy Conference (IREC), centred on renewable power generation worldwide. As an annual symposium, IREC gathers influential policymakers, industry leaders, renewable investors, as well as innovators to confer on advancing solar, wind, geothermal and other emerging energy sources. Through enabling this timely dialogue on deployment pathways within current policy environments, IREC steers pragmatic renewable adoption.

World Future Energy Summit

Likewise imperative is the World Future Energy Summit – the leading global industry platform for all renewable and sustainable technologies spanning energy, efficiency, transport and infrastructure. Held in Abu Dhabi, this annual event connects business leaders, entrepreneurs and policy architects discussing market trends, opportunities and investment barriers across the decarbonization ecosystem.

Canada clean energy

Canada has great potential for developing the clean energy industry. Nowadays, many Canadian provinces produce such energy without harmful emissions and environmental pollution. The clean energy movement becomes stronger, and many people realize the importance of clean energy. The phasing out of traditional power plants based on coal will reduce the negative impact on the environment and create new workplaces. This kind of energy is also good for the nature and climate of Canada as well as for the health of the Canadian people.

Moving from broader clean energy applications to more niche applications, green technologies are becoming a progressive approach in a variety of industries, including online entertainment. Just as clean energy is revolutionizing traditional power generation, the integration of green technologies aims to minimize environmental impact while promoting sustainable development. This forward-thinking initiative not only aligns with Canada’s commitment to clean energy, but also echoes global efforts to combat climate change.

In recent years, leading iGaming providers have recognized the importance of adopting environmentally friendly practices, including the utilization of energy-efficient servers and data centers. By harnessing the power of clean energy sources and implementing sustainable infrastructure solutions, online casinos can significantly reduce their carbon footprint while maintaining high levels of performance and reliability.

Moreover, the transition towards Green Technology in iGaming aligns with Canada’s broader objectives of promoting innovation and economic growth in the clean energy sector. As traditional power plants are phased out in favour of renewable alternatives, there arises a demand for skilled professionals in various fields, including renewable energy engineering, sustainable development, and environmental management.

With its vast potential for clean energy development and a growing awareness of environmental responsibility, Canada stands poised to lead the way in integrating Green Technology into the iGaming landscape. By embracing eco-friendly initiatives and investing in sustainable infrastructure, Canadian online casinos can set a precedent for the global gaming industry, demonstrating that profitability and environmental stewardship can go hand in hand.

Clean energy act

Canada is on the way to fully replacing fossil fuel-based energy to clean energy. For this purpose, all ten provinces have developed appropriate regulations, also known as the “Clean energy act”. This act prescribes the construction and further development of power plants based on clean energy. The main goal is to supply the whole of Canada with energy produced from renewable resources. 

Clean energy act banner

Canadian clean energy stocks and companies

Here is the list of the best clean energy stocks in Canada. They are also considered to be the biggest Canadian companies. These companies will be a good choice to make so called “Green Investment”:

What jobs are demanded in the clean energy industry?

The clean energy industry sector develops rapidly. Many new professions and jobs appear as power plants based on renewable resources need engineers, technicians and other staff. There are many jobs in this industry that are demanded now and will be even more demanded by time.

Importance of cheap and clean cut energy and when will it take over

Nearly two-thirds of global greenhouse gas emissions accumulate in the Earth’s atmosphere from the burning of fossil fuels – coal, oil and gas. At the same time, most of the energy is generated from these types of fuel. Renewable and clean energy can be produced from environmentally friendly, inexhaustible sources. Their use does not lead to the harmful pollutants accumulation that contributes to global warming. As long as we have sunlight, wind and water, we will have access to the powerful energy contained in these sources. Energy of the Sun, wind and water is the backbone of the future global energy market that will be based on the principles of “zero-emission” and “carbon neutrality”.


Despite the fact that humanity has already learned how to produce clean energy from renewable sources, there is still a long way to go. Many people do not fully understand the basic principles of such energy and often have different questions to be cleared up. Here are the most common ones, along with short answers:

Clean energy does not cost more than power produced from fossil fuels. Most types of up-to-date, energy sources are cheaper.

Natural gas produces fewer emissions than petroleum or coal. However, it is still not as clean as solar, wind or water energy.

Hydropower is one of the most efficient and cleanest sources of energy. Hydropower plants don’t use fossil fuels, just water.

Nuclear energy creates no emissions as it does not require fossil fuels. Nevertheless, this type of energy production can’t be considered renewable or green.

Clean energy is a very good investment as it develops very quickly and becomes an integral part of the modern energy market.

These two terms are not completely the same. For example, renewable energy means production from naturally limitless sources, while clean energy means production with no harmful emissions.

Yes, it can fully replace fossil fuels. Clean energy has many objective advantages, so it is just a matter of time.

Coal is one of the most harmful fossil fuels. Its burning produces a huge amount of CO2, polluting the environment.

Geothermal energy is clean because its extraction does not need burning any type of fossil fuels.

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