The main environmental problems in the world

We are increasingly aware of the fact that we only have one planet, and we have to take care of it. For this reason, we show you what the main environmental problems in the world are.

Knowing them is the first step to help solve them.

Global warming due to human action

This is one of the main environmental problems because it affects the whole world very important:

The entire planet is affected by climate change. Sometimes in ways, we do not expect. This human-induced climate change comes from the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, which traps more heat from the sun than normal and increases the temperature. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is the main such gas, but it is not the only one. These gases are emitted especially in some activities, such as generating electricity from non-renewable sources, travelling by plane or car and, in general, in many construction or manufacturing activities.

What we can do to help

Some of the main activities to combat climate change are:

Air pollution

Especially in cities, where more and more people live, air quality has declined, and it is estimated that up to 5 million deaths per year in the world are derived from this pollution. In fact, it is already considered the biggest risk factor today. In addition, air pollution causes all sorts of ailments and increases the incidence and severity of asthma, respiratory, cardiac, neurological difficulties, etc

What we can do to help

Especially if we live in cities and more polluted areas, we should raise our awareness to:


Currently, the world’s forests and jungles are being reduced by no less than 20 soccer fields a day.

This deforestation causes many problems because it changes the entire ecosystem. Animal species are forced to migrate or become extinct, the climate changes and weather phenomena become more and more extreme.

Forests are the basis of our ecosystem, and their disappearance is a great threat.

What we can do to help

The main environmental problems in the world
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