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There is global recognition for the need to move further and faster to meet clean energy goals. However, there are some challenges to accelerating solutions and raising ambitions.

To ensure that we can accelerate clean energy innovation, we need everyone to make the push for a clean energy revolution.

And, we need to hear diverse perspectives within the clean energy innovation ecosystem.

The Ignite Talk is by invitation only.

How would you approach accelerating clean energy innovation and raising ambitions?

The Ignite Talk is a unique, new opportunity within the MI-4 program that will bring together different perspectives from clean energy leaders to inspire new approaches and raise ambitions toward Mission Innovation’s clean energy research and development goals.

The Ignite Talk will challenge participants to think differently!

Four presenters — a minister, a business leader, a Mission Innovation Champion and a youth delegate — will address the overarching theme of Approaches to Accelerating Clean Energy Innovation with just five minutes to share their perspectives on how they could challenge conventional ideas and approaches to the development and adaptation of clean energy solutions. The fast-paced presentation format and following discussion will spark:

  • More ambitious clean energy goals;
  • New collaborative initiatives and stronger partnerships;
  • Increased private sector investment and civil society involvement; and
  • Accelerated clean energy breakthroughs to meet Mission Innovation’s priorities.

Canada is pleased to collaborate with the International Energy Agency to deliver the Ignite Talk session.


  • Dr. Myoungju Lee

    Dr. Myoungju Lee – Speaker, Innovator
    Dr. Myoungju Lee is a Professor at the College of Architecture at Myongji University, Republic of Korea. She is serves as the Director of the Zero Energy Architecture Center at Myongji University and as a Director in the Energy Department of Sejong City with the goal of developing the municipality as a “Zero Energy City”. Her work has focused on high efficiency building design, smart cities, and architecture and she successfully launched the first Zero Energy House in the Republic of Korea in 2017. Dr. Lee is working to expand the adoption of Zero Energy buildings in her home country, and around the world.

  • Luciana Miu

    Luciana Miu – Speaker, Youth
    Luciania Miu is a PhD student at Imperial College London, researching policy and behaviour for energy efficiency. She is orginally from Romania, and was selected for the CEM10/MI-4 Youth Leaders Forum from the European Union, with a background in environmental science and renewable energy. Outside of her PhD, Luciana is a founder of a low-carbon beer brewing project, a STEM ambassador, a practical sustainability activist, and head of sponsorship for the 2019 International Student Energy Summit in London.

  • Hendrik Van Asbroeck

    Hendrik Van Asbroeck – Speaker, Business Leader
    As Managing Director Engie Fab, Hendrik Van Asbroeck is responsible to manage Innovation & New business at Engie’s group level. Within the department there is a corporate venture capital fund (Engie New Ventures), an incubator and accelerator.

    He started working at Electrabel, now part of Engie as Account manager and soon moved to Key Account Manager, focusing on the automotive and chemical industry. In 2007 he took over the responsibility of the Renewables department. In this position he created multiple joint ventures to stimulate Electrabel’s green energy development. In 2011 he was promoted to Head of Sales Electrabel, where he had to turn around the organisation to make it more efficient. When he left the job in 2014 the efficiency had improved by 30% and the sales results were again positive. In 2014 he moved to Paris to design and kick off Engie’s corporate VC fund, of which he is still managing director.

    Before joining Electrabel Hendrik was Account Manager and Financial Analyst at Air Products Belgium. Hendrik Van Asbroeck holds a Master degree in Commercial Engineering from the K.U. Leuven University. He holds additional diplomas from the Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School, the European Energy Institute and Insead-Cedep.

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