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Demonstrating impact and raising ambition

Mission Innovation (MI) members committed to accelerating “the pace of clean energy innovation to achieve performance breakthroughs and cost reductions to provide widely affordable and reliable clean energy solutions that will revolutionize energy systems.”

All Plenary Sessions are closed to the public.

Public and private sectors are pushing forward

MI members are up to the challenge and have been working together to identify gaps in innovation, inspiring governments and the private sector to accelerate promising solutions that could revolutionize energy systems.

What to expect?

The following two closed-door sessions are open to MI member delegations:


Tuesday, May 28, 2019
Morning session theme

Demonstrating Impact
Members will look back over the year and take stock of progress against what MI set out to do:

  • Follow up on past announcements
  • Highlight collaboration between MI members
  • Provide updates on funding outcomes


Tuesday, May 28, 2019
Afternoon session theme

Raising Ambition
Members will present new, bold and collaborative ideas that can lead to the acceleration of clean energy innovation.